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In this section, you can create new recurring automated campaigns. After having selected Automation > Content > New campaign and finally Messenger.

Choose source

To complete the first step:

  • Insert Campaign name,
  • Choose the source used to retrieve new content and send automated messages. You can add a new source selecting "Add new source",

  • Pick the Messenger channel you want to use for the campaign.

Select "Next" to move to the following step, message building.

Build campaign

Select template

Here you can decide how to place contents in the message, how many news and how often you want to send the message. To select a template, place the mouse over the model and press "Select". There are several templates divided between templates with images and templates without images. To view the ones without images, remove the default option "With images" in the Message options menu on the right. After selecting the template, enter the number of news that the message must contain and write it in the box close to the label "Send", as in the image below.

Additional button

in the Message options menu on the right, you can also add an additional button that should contain a text and the URL with the http:// or https:// protocol.

Set sending frequency

Now you only have to set sending frequency:

  • based on source update (
  • decide when to send
    • send if there are at least N new contents
    • on certain predefined days
    • at a certain time

Select "Next", once finished.


In the review page, you can check the campaign you just created and make changes if needed. 


In the central part of the page, the second tab summarizes the information related to the source, click on the pencil at the top right to edit.
The last section instead, is dedicated to sending settings. The pencil at the top right gives you access to the page where these items were set to change them.
Once the campaign review is complete, you can:
  • Test the campaign
  • Save
  • See a Live preview

  • Activate the campaign, by enabling the option in the first box.
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