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The release of the new version 8.2.1 of the MailUp console starts on April 15th, 2013 and is expected to be completed by April 19th, 2013

On April 11th, new features and fixes have been introduced with the release of version MailUp, among which the new Inactive recipients management feature: we invite you to check the settings under Settings > List settings > Preferences > Properties.

The new version, whose features are described below, will be released only for customers who request it, within April 15th, 2013. We strongly suggest that you should update your admin console to version 8.2.1 if you are a SMTP+ user, or if you have experienced the issues that have been fixed with this release (list below).

New features in version 8.2.1:

  1. SMTP+ feature no longer in Beta version: our SMTP relay service has been available for several months now in your MailUp account, so there's no need to keep it in Beta version. The main advantages of using a service like SMTP+ are higher deliverability and tracking. We have recently added new cool features such as bounced email notifications, created new tools to better monitor performance and improved the documentation. Read more about SMTP+.
  2. new "Fashion" template category, with 40 modern and classy new templates mainly (but not exclusively) designed for fashion e-commerce stores.
  3. New feature to search the links that have been clicked, in the statistics section: under Statistics > Email > Analysis and benchmarks > Clicks report, you can now search for an URL by simply inserting a part of it, or search by click date (this applies to the period of time during which statistics are stored, i.e. 90 days by default).  
Fixes and improvements:
  • default email sent to inactive recipients reviewed and improved following the 2013 Email Summit guidelines, in order to make the call to action clearer and improve effectiveness;
  • default settings for inactive recipients management are kept when a new list is created;
  • when selecting recipients, groups are again in alphabetical order;
  • import files order has been changed: the most recent is now on top;
  • end time of schedules mailings fixed: it appeared the same as start time;
  • new default setting when creating a new message from RSS: by default, the whole content of the RSS is inserted, unless you check the box that allows you to insert the titles only;
  • when trying to modify a message that was already been sent, unclear error messages appeared that have now been fixed;
  • specific statistics export for the lists that are linked to the Dynamics connector;
  • link in the "Help" tab to access the history of past tickets has been modified for easier access;
  • fixed errors in the activity filters, that forced the user to select a message even if not connected to the desired activity (e.g. subscription);
  • fixed errors in the activity filters, that sometimes did not save the changes made;
  • improved view and usage of some of the buttons in the editor that exceeded the toolbar;
  • fixed error in the statistics export file, which sometimes indicated 0 messages sent when messages had actually been sent;
  • fixed loss of "style" attribute when editing a link in the message;
  • fixed error that did not allow to attach PDF files to fax messages;
  • for whitelabel admin consoles, reference to MailUp in the title of the HTML page removed;
  • "Title" field in the templates extended to host longer subjects of the message;
  • verification of the compatibility of some kind of "embedded resources" attached to the messages sent via SMTP+.
  • fixed errors while connecting to Magento extension v2.2.0


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