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The release of the new version 8.2.3 of the MailUp console begins on June 18th, 2013 and is expected to be completed within two weeks.

The new features will be initially available only for those customers who are using versions 8.2.1 and 8.2.2 Beta of the MailUp console. Customers who are using version 8.2 of the console will be able to upgrade next fall.

New features:

  • List+
  • Preference center
  • Email Analysis, now in real time and free of charge, that allows you to preview, check and optimize your message for over 65 different clients.
  • New feature to track "Tel:" link, which triggers calls to smartphones
  • You can now create activity filters based on message tags

Other improvements:

  • New user permission: "Do not allow import"
  • Frequency checks in inactive recipients management removed
  • Export process improved in case of high volumes
  • New "green" footers to highlight MailUp's "Zero Impact" philosophy
  • Horizontal menus improved to provide more working space
  • Some profile updates forms have been redesigned, with mobile device compatibility and immediate validation (JQuery)
  • Notification alerts of bounce emails enhanced (useful feature for SMTP+ users
  • You can now share a message on your social media accounts without having to publish it
  • New SOAP methods to manage priority queues: WS_MailUpSend.SetNewsletterQueueOrder and WS_MailUpSend.AddNewsletterQueue
  • Bounce management is now fully automatized: "MB" bounce type (email blocked) is now also managed automatically. You don't have to worry about any type of bounces any longer
  • New REST API (in Beta version) released with OAuth2. Contact us if you want to join the Beta tester program
  • Further details added to the import report, in order to provide the count of recipients not subscribed due to incorrect email address or sender reported as spam (FBL in all lists)
  • Button added to the editor that allows you to upload an image from URL
  • "GetCampaignReport" method enhanced, from "SocialStatisticsService" API service
  • View of Trend report made faster
  • Algorithm to determine the best sending date/time ("Analysis and benchmarks" report)
  • Random selection of recipients for A/B tests improved
  • Links pointing to ecommerce improved
  • Help windows improved: they could not be viewed correctly at times on some tablets
  • During FTP batch import, you now have the chance to retry connecting in case of Internet connection problems
  • View of link maps improved
  • New feature to disable subscription confirmation email in the forms hosted in the admin console, by adding the code <input type="hidden" name="confirm" value="off" />
  • When searching an email address, blank spaces are now automatically eliminated
  • Status-log import for the Magento integration improved
  • In saved social media campaigns, link appearance improved
  • Fixed erroneous warning appearing when saving profile update forms containing "hidden" value in the email field
  • Fixed issue with ordering in the opens report, that could be selected only once
  • Fixed issue with link editing when using Internet Explorer: tracking code was added to the link text as well
  • Fixed encoding issue with Arabian characters in the from-name field
  • Correction of some pages of the English online guide, which had links to the Italian version 
  • Fixed timeout problem which sometimes occurred under particular conditions
  • Fixed issue when viewing help pages using Internet Explorer 10
  • Fixed issue which sometimes occurred when saving: "display:none;" could become "display:block;"
  • Fixed issue when saving a message while viewing a preview using Internet Explorer: sometimes undesired attributes like "onclick=false" were added
  • Fixed issue in the detailed report, where sometimes "rate" values were erroneously viewed as "0"
  • Fixed order issue in the link detailed report for single recipient
  • Fixed issue that occurred when sending "Embedded Resource" attachments via SMTP+
  • Fixed issue with the profile update form "Update your account information", which sometimes did not update personal data but only the email address
  • Fixed issue with the feature "check up html" when the message was not public
  • Fixed issue with the web version of a message using Internet Explorer: the link to view the web version led to an error page
  • Fixed issue when saving the latest message to inactive users
  • Fixed issue when moving/copying to a new group SMS and fax recipients
  • Fixed issue with REST and SOAP APIs which now correctly return template thumbnails
  • Fixed encoding issue with some charsets when performing a fast send to a single recipient
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