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About v8.3

The release of MailUp version 8.3 begins on September 10th, 2013. A rollout to all customers is expected to be completed within a few weeks.

The service may be unavailable for a few minutes when your account is being updated.

New features

These are the main changes from v8.2 to v8.3. Some of these features were made available to some users during the summer of 2013 with version 8.2.3.

  • List+, the super-charged distribution list feature built into MailUp
  • Email analysis, which allows email preview in dozens of email clients, free of charge
  • Preference center, which gives subscribers (and senders) many more options when it comes to changing the subscription preferences in one or more lists
  • Ability to edit the text version of an email message (useful for older phones and to customize the preheader shown by some smartphone email clients)
  • Ability to be notified via email when a new subscriber is added to a list, if you want to
  • Performance improvements to the pages that allow you to create and edit filters
  • New Activity Filters that focus on SMS activity
  • SMTP+ is now out of BETA
  • A new page that presents – and allows you to manage - applications integrated with MailUp
  • A new page that helps developers create and publish applications that work with the MailUp API

Other changes

  • Changes to the way unauthorized requests are handled by SMTP+
  • Updated client management area for marketing agencies
  • Whitelabel account for marketing agencies
  • Addition of the last send date to the page that lists messages (advanced search), so that messages can be ordered and searched on that parameter too.
  • Various usability improvements in the MailUp admin console

The following services have been discontinued

  • Message translation
  • Subscription via social network: this was only available in a few default subscription forms, and it allowed new subscribers to subscribe using a social network. An additional fee was charged to the MailUp user. The feature was very rarely used. It will remain active in forms that utilize it for the remainder of 2013, but you will not be able to create new forms.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed date filter issue in filters when using the mm/dd/yyyy format in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue in file export feature in the Analysis and benchmarks area
  • Fixed issue with API call to unsubscribe SMS subscribers
  • Fixed issue with messages sent through SMTP+ by Redmine – a project management tool – which was sending messages with strings of raw source, instead of readable message content
  • Changed triggered messages so that they are disabled by default, instead of enabled
  • Added the ability for users to select different footer designs even if they are using the “No Logo” feature (which allows the removal of the default MailUp footer).
  • Combined checks for NULL and EMPTY into one condition when creating profile filters.
  • Fixed issue with the way links were handled: spaces were in certain scenarios replaced with "%20", causing some display problems.
  • Fixed issue with message tags selection with IE 10
  • Added messages to import process to clarify that these process are queued up in sequence.
  • Corrected issue with unsubscribes that occurred via the Preference Center not being correctly reported in some statistics reports.
  • New instructions on how to handle the names of custom recipient fields in Profile Update forms, when a field has been renamed.
  • Interface updates to the SMS test page.
  • New messages that clarify that when a second mailing is set up for a message that already exists in the queue, the number of recipients takes into account those already in the queue (and therefore appeared to be incorrect).
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