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New features and improvements

The most relevant new features and improvements included:

  1. Recipient search and segmentation
    1. The advanced search page to locate Email and SMS subscribers has been completely redesigned for a much quicker and easier user experience (MC-3436)
    2. You can now test a filter as you create it or edit it by performing a real-time email or SMS search that returns the number of subscribers that match the filter (MC-3383)
    3. You can now use an hour-based comparison in activity and profile filters (e.g. 2 hours after opening a certain message; 3 hours after a cart abandonment time-stamp) (MC-3355)
    4. You can now create filters based on whether a specific message was successfully received (sent - bounces) (MC-3368)
  2. Improvements to the drag-and-drop subscription form builder
    1. You can now specify values different from option labels for radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-downs. Use the syntax "Pizza || 1" if you want the value "1" to be associated with the selectable option "Pizza" (MC-3394)
    2. You can now quickly search and select lists to allow visitors to subscribe to in the Lists form element, and rename them if needed (e.g. list name used in MailUp is not the text label you wish to show in the form) (MC-3446)
    3. You can now quickly search and select groups to use in the Group form element, and rename them if needed (e.g. group name used in MailUp is not the text label you wish to show in the form) (MC-3431)
    4. The system now asks for confirmation before you remove a form element from a form (MC-3340)
    5. Many small improvements to the way the form is built and configured
  3. Improvements to the subscribe button, including the ability to open a subscription form in a pop-up window (MC-3442)
  4. Send latest newsletter: you can now set up the system to send new subscribers a recently sent newsletter, picked based on criteria that you can configure (MC-1669)
  5. Reply-To address: you can now change the Reply-To address at the campaign level, with or without changing the default setting for the List (MC-3365)
  6. Improved message preview: the system now detects whether the message was created with the BEE editor and - if so - it shows the mobile preview as well (MC-2806)
  7. Added real-time check on email and mobile phone number when editing a recipient: the user is immediately notified if the recipient already exists (MC-3402)
  8. Added additional checks to prevent the removal of recipient fields if those fields are used in conditions employed by one or more triggered messages (MC-2875)
  9. New API methods for account provisioning to let select MailUp partners create and configure new MailUp accounts remotely (MC-3373)
  10. The password reset user experience has been improved both inside and outside of the MailUp admin console (MC-3450)

Bug fixes and other changes


  • Resolved encoding issue when creating a new message from a file: some special characters were not being handled correctly in some scenarios (MC-3804)
  • Resolved issue adding a subscriber to a certain list when the subscriber that already existed in another list: the system was incorrectly not allowing the addition of the new subscriber (MC-3775)
  • Improved performance on SendSingleNewsletter method of SOAP API (MC-3733)


  • Resolved issue with regular expression used in email address validation: it did not take into account new domains such as (MC-3525)
  • Resolved issue with recipient selection when using the TEST group in an SMS campaign (MC-3834)
  • Resolved statistics issue with Quick send feature for messages created with the BEE editor: those individual mailings were counted twice (MC-3845)


The most relevant bug fixes included...

  1. When the account password is about to expire, users are now notified so that they can replace it with a new one (MC-3451)
  2. When importing contacts that contain special characters in some of the fields, the specials characters were not handled correctly when the file encoding was different from the character encoding specified for the list (MC-3366)
  3. When adding messages to the queue, only custom fields that can be used dynamically in the message are queried, in order to optimize performance (MC-3353)
  4. When adding a new recipient field to the system, if a message is already queued up and the new field is added to it as a merge tag, the user is warned that the message needs to be removed from the queue and re-queued (MC-3354)
  5. Fixed issue with extra white space added in some cases when adding an image link in the WYSIWYG editor (MC-3414).
  6. Fixed issue loading email and SMS subscriber search page in admin console set to use the Chinese language (MC-3485).
  7. Fixed issue with same results shown on page 2 and following of click details page (incorrect pagination) (MC-3292)
  8. Fixed issue with error message shown in certain scenarios when a developer requested application keys for a new application using a developer account (MC-3411)
  9. Fixed issue with using filters that included the subscription date when the filter was used in a recipient search on the "Channels > All" page (MC-3577)
  10. Fixed issue with "With tags" element shown in an activity filter even if a specific message was selected (tags don't matter if a specific message has been selected) (MC-3529)
  11. Fixed issue with RSS merge tags not working properly when using more than 9 elements from the RSS feed (MC-3596)
  12. Fixed error message shown when performing a recipient search with multiple groups on the "Recipients > Channels > All" page (MC-3539)
  13. Edited profile filter creation & editing page to avoid possible SQL query issues: when "Number" is used as the Field, Type defaults to "Text" (MC-3630)
  14. Edited FROM name in notification email sent by FROM EMAIL verification system to a more friendly one (MC-3334)
  15. Edited file upload widget so that it no longer shows an alert message when the file's extension is written in uppercase (MC-3377)
  16. Corrected layout of control panel page that shows Credit-to-SMS conversion values for different countries (MC-3535)


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