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New features and improvements

MailUp 8.9.1 is being released on Jan 27, 2016 - Read the blog post >

In parenthesis internal codes that allow our support team to quickly identify the issue that you are referring to, in case you ask for more information.

The most relevant new features and improvements included:

  1. Substantial improvements to Profile Updates:
    1. Create Profile Update forms with a drag-n-drop editor.
    2. Easily drop in different types of fields (text, drop-down, radio buttons, check boxes, etc.).
    3. Associate a field in the form with a recipient data field in your MailUp account.
    4. When subscribers visit the form, fields for which they already have information in their profiles will be pre-populated.
    5. Forms use responsive layout to adjust to different screen sizes, and you can choose from different styles.
  2. Required sender information (for compliance with international anti-spam laws) now easily added to email footers using merge tags:
    1. Default footers already contain all the needed merge tags.
    2. Easily add the merge tags to custom footers or directly to your messages.
    3. Change the information in the List preferences (e.g. company address) and it will automatically be updated in all future messages you send.
  3. New APIs that allow partners to provisions MailUp accounts from within their system
  4. New feature to easily create a copy of a subscription form or a profile update form to more quickly create a similar form (WEBAPP-144)
  5. Improvements to the email template catalog pages, where it is now more clear how to edit a template vs. create a new email from it
  6. Improvements to the new customer onboarding wizard, including a new section to collect company information to be used for compliance with international anti-spam laws
  7. Improvements to many statistics reports to leverage the time zone setting configured at the List level (Settings > List settings > Preferences > General)
  8. Improvements to loading time of AngularJS pages by optimizing the way CSS files are handled (WEBAPP-15)
  9. Improvements to SMS statistics to more clearly indicate which messages were delivered to the mobile device, delivered to the operator, or not delivered (WEBAPP-11).
  10. Improvements to pending subscribers display page: the system now shows the date on which the subscription request occurred (WEBAPP-129).

Bug fixes and other changes

The most relevant bug fixes and other changes in this release included... 

In parenthesis internal codes that allow our support team to quickly identify the issue that you are referring to, in case you ask for more information.

  • When a message is viewed in the browser, the link to the browser version is now automatically hidden (WEBAPP-5)
  • When users log out, they are now taken to a page that is picked by the MailUp marketing team to display information on product updates, new blog posts, etc. (WEBAPP-32)
  • Fixed issue with Profile Filters still shown some deprecated entries in the filter condition drop-down. They are now hidden. (WEBAPP-52)
  • Fixed issue with Quick Send feature not showing groups with 10 recipients (only 9 and fewer) in the "Small groups" drop-down. Now it shows them. (WEBAPP-55)
  • Fixed issue with dynamic content tags not being cloned correctly when copying a message created with the BEE editor (WEBAPP-57).
  • Fixed issue that prevented the user from deleting a message that was just copied (WEBAPP-59).
  • Fixed issue that prevented some accounts to view the Profile Updates and Device Filters features (WEBAPP-62, WEBAPP-63).
  • Fixed navigation issue in Readers Report which was causing selections not to be remembered when navigating back to the page from a recipient details page (WEBAPP-80)
  • Fixed issue on Send Status page that - in certain scenarios - prevented the user from successfully deleting all mailing queues (WEBAPP-91).
  • Fixed issue with the desktop preview of certain email templates created with the BEE editor (WEBAPP-102).
  • Fixed issue with a certain amount of pixels in the top part of the message not being shown in the message preview window in some scenarios (WEBAPP-105).
  • Fixed issue with merge tags in the BEE editor: some system merge tags were not shown in the drop down. This included recipient email, number, message ID, and a few others (WEBAPP-111).
  • Fixed issue with Check Up feature incorrectly testing for the presence of the unsubscribe link when the message was created with the WYSIWYG editor (WEBAPP-112).
  • Fixed issue with "Create a copy" link in the actions menu of the message(s) shown on the List home page (WEBAPP-114).
  • Fixed issue with Check Up feature reporting as invalid some dynamically generated links (e.g. link to Web version of the message) when added to the body of the message (WEBAPP-117).
  • Fixed issue with recipient export feature not properly handling non-Latin characters (e.g. Chinese or Japanese letters) (WEBAPP-121).
  • Fixed issue with A/B testing and merge tags: when a field is empty for a certain recipient, default values are now filled in (WEBAPP-123).
  • Fixed issue with the message DOCTYPE not being extracted and saved correctly when the email message was created from a file (WEBAPP-128).
  • Fixed issue in SubscribeRecipientToGroup and SubscribeRecipientToList methods of the REST API so that the current subscription status is maintained when an existing recipient is assigned to a Group (WEBAPP-155).
  • Fixed issue on social media post scheduling page: the List-based time zone is now used and the date is now affected by the selected time zone (WEBAPP-206).
  • Fixed issue with some images in some templates pointing to a pre-production environment (WEBAPP-229).
  • Improved error handling when an import file does not contain a consistent number of columns (WEBAPP-83).
  • Improved SMS country code field in list settings page: it used to be an input field, now it's a drop-down of available country codes (WEBAPP-116)
  • Improved new Group creation feature in all areas where a new group can be created: it now always checks whether a group with the same name exists and returns correct messages (WEBAPP-124).
  • Improved alignment between menu items available in the action menus in the SMS and Email channels (WEBAPP-125).
  • Improved link checking in the Check Up feature so that duplicate links are only displayed once (WEBAPP-127).


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