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Statistics update: What's new in MailUp?

The new statistics section is a big improvement on the previous version, with the goal of helping you better understand how your email marketing activities are performing and what you can improve.

Here's a rundown of the main changes.

New navigation

We've completely redesigned how pages are organized, so that you can reach more quickly the data you need.

Say goodbye to the 15-day limit for the list of recipients of a mailing

You may now consult who you sent a message to, and use that information in automation activities, for the statistics retention period included in your plan (up to 365 days).

See statistics aggregated by message or for each sendout

You can now switch between consulting reports by message (as before) or by sendout, so that if you send the same message several times or use automation tools, statistics are now available for each sendout. Reports by message, on the other hand, will show statistics on the entire life of the message, aggregating the data of the individual sendouts and without taking into account the statistics retention period of your subscription, thus eliminating the previous concept of "historicized messages", for which fewer statistics were maintained.

New notification center

When exporting a report, now in CSV format, you will be notified in the notification center (the bell icon in the upper right area), as soon as the export is ready to download. No more long wait times in page for the report to be ready!

Optimized calculation of open rate, clicks and clicks on openings

To provide even more precise statistics and to reduce any error margin, we have reviewed how we calculate open rates, clicks and clicks on openings. Therefore, activity rates will be more accurate but may result to be lower.

More intuitive aggregated reports

We have reviewed aggregated reports, making their creation more immediate: it is now possible to customize these reports by deciding which blocks to insert and whether to protect the report with a password or not.

New list overview menu

We have condensed every list-specific report in a new menu, reorganizing existing content and adding new features and graphs.

Double navigation

For a limited period, to ease the transition.,you may activate a few statistics sections in their "old" version,

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