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What's a MailUp Developer Account?

Developers that wish to leverage MailUp for their email and SMS communication needs can request a Developer Account to develop and test applications that integrate with MailUp.

  • Unlike free trial accounts, developer accounts don't expire
  • They do have sending limitations like free trial accounts (they are not for use in a production environment)
  • They allow you to request application keys to developer an application that uses the MailUp Rest API

Why do I have to use a Developer Account?

  • To obtain application keys
  • To test your application
  • To maintain a staging environment where you can test future versions of your application

Requesting a developer account

There are two ways to request a Developer Account.

From Web

Fill out the request form available on our website.

From within a MailUp account

Select "Create a developer account to get started" on the bottom of Settings > Account settings > Integrations

Confirming your request

Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email. Click in the link in the email to confirm the request and activate your MailUp Developer Account.

Getting your API keys

Log into your new MailUp developer account and click on Settings > Advanced Settings > Developers' Corner in the left-side navigation to obtain your API keys.

Submitting your app

If you have developed an integration with MailUp and want it to be featured inside our integrations catalog, please submit it for review by writing an email to with the following information:

  • Integration name
  • Developer name
  • Logo
  • A brief description of the integration (max 800 characters)
  • Pricing (if pricing can't be disclosed, custom will be displayed)
  • Link to download the integration/learn more.
  • Developer website
  • Support contact (email or web page)
  • Up to 3 screenshots

Once we review the submission, we will get in touch with you and, if approved, your integration will be featured in our integrations catalog.

Do not submit your integration if it's for internal use or testing purposes (i.e. the integration will work properly anyway).

Why application keys separate from account credentials?

Because the system is set up to allow for a scenario where the same application is used by many MailUp users.

Therefore, it separates the concepts of authorization and authentication.

  • The application is authorized using the API keys
  • The user of the application is authenticated using its MailUp account credentials
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