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September 2017

MailUp | Single sign-on, new API methods, Cyclr integration

After a summer break, we return to the MailUp developer newsletter with lots of new REST API methods, and a cool integration with visual workflow system Cyclr. Check it out.

May 2017

MailUp | PieSync integration, updated APIs

This month we bring to you another series of updates to our REST API, plus a cool announcement about two-way data synchronization between MailUp and lots of other cloud apps. Let's dive in!

April 2017

MailUp | New APIs for list management, Magento, Facebook Lead Ads

From list management to cross-list unsubscribe, this month too we added new methods to our REST API as more and more developers are asking us for ways to interact with the MailUp platform through that channel.

March 2017

MailUp | New RESTful API methods | Updates on Privy and Zapier integrations

This newsletter opens a new chapter at MailUp: timely updates delivered to the growing number of developers who rely on the MailUp platform, its APIs, and its integrations with other applications. Something that was a bit lacking until now. We hope you find it useful.

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