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This section of your admin console allows you to choose a customizable template or to create a new one.

It is divided into two areas:


The menu contains three dropdown menus: choose the template that fits your needs according to the kind of message you want to send. You can choose the type of message (newsletter, Rss, or retrieve a customixed template), the color and the number of sections.


Create a new template using the editor. The editor resembles that of a common word processor; the button Image Addedwill help you get the meaning of every button.

Insert the title, which is only shown to the system administrator, and set advanced options below the editor: categorize the template for an easy retrieval from the "List" menu, insert Body tag and Header.

If you are using a template for RSS feeds, click on the link "How to insert RSS feeds in a message" for further instructions on how to create it.

titleComing very soon!

We're still working on this section of the documentation, but it'll be ready soon!