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As defined in the Glossary in the Getting Started section, a "recipient" is any contact in your admin console. There are three recipient statuses:  Subscribed, Pending, Unsubscribed. A recipient will only receive messages from you if their status is that of a "Subscribed", and, therefore, should never be confused for a "subscriber" unless assigned that status.

Managing Recipient Lists

Recipients are listed in three sections on the main admin console for better management: Email, SMS and All. From each of these sections, functions can be performed based on one of three recipient statuses: Subscribed, Pending, or Unsubscribed.

The Subscribed status is defined as a recipient that has opted in to receive communication, either via email or SMS.

The Unsubscribed status is defined as a recipient that has opted out of receiving messages, either email or SMS.

The Pending status is defined for a recipient that has yet to confirm or opt-in to receiving SMS or email messages.

To access any of these recipient groups, for example, Unsubscribed email recipients, go the Recipient tab > Email > Unsubscribed.

There are a variety of functions that can be performed. You can do a simple search of recipient data by entering an email or do an advanced search based on group, filters and even subscription status date. Via the Action Box by each recipient, you can modify, edit and delete. Related features allow you to add new recipients or export lists. 

Managing Recipient Groups