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  • the field “name” attribute for each field must match the corresponding code that can be located under Settings > Codes Table in your MailUp admin console
  • the field "type" is entirely up to you

Codes Table

The codes table, which can be accessed in your MailUp admin console by navigating to Settings > Codes Table provides a list of what in MailUp are called personal data fields. These are the fields that you can define under Manage > Personal Data Fields. By default, you can define up to 11 custom fields. You can grow this number to 40 customizable custom fields by adding the Marketing+ feature package to your account.
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titleWhat's a "campo"?
The field code uses the word "CAMPO" because MailUp's original source code was developed in Italy. "Campo" means "Field" in Italian (smile)

Subscription form action


Code Block
<form  method="post"



The URL to put in the action of the form tag depends on your MailUp account's unique URL. If your MailUp admin console address


is, the correct action URL for the form (the URL of the form handler) will

be http


Code Block
<form  method="post" action="">

The parameters for calling subscribe.aspx are described below.

Email field (required)

The form must contain a field named "email". The forms that you can create in your MailUp admin console under Settings > Signup Form contain some basic JavaScript validation to validate that a correct email address has been provided. Feel free to use that JavaScript code.