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This section of your admin console allows you to choose a customizable template or to create a new one. It is divided into two areas:


The menu contains three dropdown menus: choose the template that fits your needs according to the kind of message you want to send. You can choose the type of message (newsletter, Rss, or retrieve a customized template), the color and the number of sections.

Of course, once you select a template, you will be able to fully edit it in the message editor.

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There are two ways to create a new message template.

Creating a new template from scracth

Under Settings > List Settings > Templates > New

  • Create a new template using the editor. 
  • The editor resembles that of a common word processor; the ? icon will help you learn more about the meaning of every feature.
  • Insert the title, which is only shown to the system administrator, and set advanced options below the editor: categorize the template for an easy retrieval from the "List" menu. You can also add code to the BODY and HEAD tags.
  • If you are using a template for RSS feeds, you can use the RSS tags mentioned here

Creating a new template from an existing email

You can also create a template from an existing email message. Follow these steps:


Responsive templates

With mobile users becoming more and more common, using an email message that automatically adapts to the device on which it is read (responsive design) is getting more and more important. You can find a number of responsive design templates in the system, including the ones in the Fashion category.

titleFrom the MailUp blog

For more information on responsive templates, check out this blog post.


Issue locating a template

If you are having issues finding a template, try other lists in your account: templates are list-specific, and you may have saved it in a different list from that in which you are currently working.


Choose templates based on the editor you want to use to create a message. The Drag & Drop templates section contains templates to be used with BEE, while the HTML templates section lists templates that can be used with our HTML editor.

Let's see the Drag & Drop templates section in detail.

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How it works
How it works

Copying a template to a different list

If you want to copy When saving a template to another list, the easiest way is to copy and paste the html code.

  • Load an existing template
  • In the HTML editor, switch to HTML view and copy the code
  • Create a new template in the List in which you wish to use it, switch to HTML view in the message editor and paste the HTML code that you just copied.
  • Remember that you can also create a template from an existing email message, as mentioned above.

Template does not display correctly or browser hangs when viewing it

If your browser behaves strangely when viewing a template (or if it hangs when doing so), this may be due to non-standard HTML code used in a custom template that you or someone else on your staff added to the system.

This can happen when copying and pasting text and images from MS Word, for example.

In this kind of scenario, you will need to "clean" the HTML code. Try this:

  • Locate the template under Settings > List Settings > Templates > List
  • Edit the template by clicking on the Edit icon
  • Switch the message editor to HTML view
  • Select the entire code and cut & paste it into a blank Notepad file
  • Go back to the message editor, switch to design view, and click on Paste from Word in the Paste menu.

You can also try "cleaning" the code by using a separate tool. Many HTML editors include a feature to do so.with BEE, you have the option to share it with other lists.

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