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In the example below, a business that is using MailUp in connection with an ecommerce store is setting up a filter that looks for customers whose latest order amount was a number between 100 and 500. Two conditions were created using the "Decimal" type Number (decimal)" entry and connected using the AND operator. This filter is based on the assumption that a field containing the latest order amount exists in the Recipients Fields.

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Multiple values profile filters


The "is not one of these" condition does not consider empty or null values, so it will exclude only recipients who have a value assigned to the selected field.

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Hour-based profile



Date and time format

Filters now support hour-based conditions that allow you to run time-sensitive drip campaigns, such as abandonment cart emails, that need to be sent within hours.

In order to use this type of comparison, the data must be saved into a recipient field using the ISO date-time standard, which looks like this:


There are many scenarios in which you may want to use hour-based conditions. For example:

Profile filters:

  • 4 hours after the latest order has been placed on an online store
  • 2 hours after somebody signed up for a certain service
  • 3 hours after someone abandoned a shopping cart
  • Etc.

Activity filters:



A popular scenario in e-commerce is to run an email drip campaign which targets shoppers that have abandoned a shopping cart. Click here to read more