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Subscription form action:


Code Block
<form  method="post" action="">



In the form it is the customer’s responsibility to set the freely set fields, dropdown menus, colors, styles, checkboxes, controls, freely based on one’s needs. The fields which are not necessary can be removed from the registration form. Standard MailUp nomenclature “field1”, “field2”,… “fieldN” must be used. If there are extra fields with names which are not recognized, they will be ignored.


These fields allow to send a subscription confirmation message with personalized sender, and, in case both have been specified, they will be set as key values in the “From” field, while the default name and email address for the MailUp list will be used for the “Sender” field. So, on many clients this message will be viewed as “sent by Sender on behalf of From”. A confirmation email like this contains a link to the newsletter management system to complete the subscription, while, if the recipient replies to the email message (“Reply to”), the reply will be sent to the address indicated in the “From” field. This practice is very useful when a confirmation email is sent to an acquaintance: the invitation is much more effective if the person who invites is among the senders of the email (in the “From” field).

Anyway, filling up this these fields is optional: in case neither of them has been specified the confirmation request email will be sent using the default list values to fill the “From” field.


This function is similar to the previous one, the main differences lie in the format with which the parameters are defined, and in the fact that "xmlSubscribe" returns an output code with information about the outcome of the operation. 
If you wish to create a form that subscribes the user to more than one list at the same time, and sends only one confirmation email, use the "subscribe.aspx" API described above.


(1) either email or sms parameter must be specified
(2) if blank, default value for the list will be used
(3) for further details on how to use these fields, please see the section about the "subscribe.aspx" function API





Operation completed successfully / User already subscribed


Generic error


Invalid email address or mobile number



If successfully unsubscribed, the user will be moved to unsubscribed unsubscribers and will receive an unsubscription confirmation email, if this option has been selecte d

Updsubscriber.aspx (User update)