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Magento has announced that they will stop supporting the Magento 1.x platform, and will finally sunset the version 1 by June 2020. You can read more More info here.

Following this announcement, we will stop supporting our integration with Magento 1 as well. Support will end on June, 30 2019.


Here are some of the possible reasons.

Possible reasonSolution
The store is not successfully communicating with MailUp

Make sure that the extension settings in your Magento store have been correctly setup. When you save the settings, you should see all lists that exist in your MailUp account shown in the list selection drop-down. If you don't see them there, then the store is not successfully communicating with Magento. To troubleshoot this, see above under Store not connecting to MailUp.

The store is not successfully processing automated tasks, and therefore the automated sync never runs.

This is a technical issue that you need to discuss with your Web hosting company (or the company that set up Magento for you). There are many articles on this topic, if you are interested (see this Google search). There is also a great, free extension called AOE Scheduler (get it here) that allows you to view and manage scheduled tasks. If there is a problem with CRON jobs not running automatically, you will see it with this extension as you will notice scheduled tasks that did not run. Also, with this extension you can manually force to run a task that did not run automatically.

Here are some useful resources on Magento and CRON:

The store cannot perform the task as it runs out of memory. The higher the number of customers in the store, the higher the likelihood of this occurring if the server does not have enough memory.

Make sure that your Magento installation meets the Magento system requirements. We strongly recommend that memory_limit is set to 512MB or higher.. Some Web hosting companies do NOT meet those requirements. You will need to contact your Web hosting provider to confirm.

The store cannot perform the task because PHP on the server has been configured to time out too quickly.

Change the PHP timeout settings. For example, the error logs could show notices such as:

  • mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 45 seconds
  • Premature end of script headers: cron.php

In this scenario, for example, the process is taking longer than 45 seconds to complete, but PHP has been setup with timeout of 45 seconds, so the process is killed off before it
completes. The PHP FCGI settings need to be changed to increase the timeout.

The larger the number of orders and customers in the store, the longer the timeout.

Multi-List Subscription coming soon!


This second feature consists of several tasks: the following table looks at each of them and potential, related issues.

Task descriptionIssueExplanation & solution
Filter customersWhen you go to step 2, no customers are selected

The search might be too narrow: try changing the selected filters.

If you are segmenting based on purchase history, please note that Pending orders are excluded.

If that does not make a difference, the issue could be a server memory problem: there is not enough memory for the task to complete. Make sure that your store meets the Magento system requirements.

Select groupNo groups are shown in the drop-downThe store is not successfully connecting to MailUp. See the settings section to review the steps required for a successful connection to your MailUp account.
Create groupThe group is created, but it remains empty in MailUp

The creation of the group is a separate task from the transfer of data to MailUp.

  • If the group is created, this means that the extension is successfully connecting to your MailUp account and is able to instruct MailUp to create a new group.
  • If the group remains empty, this means that the transfer of recipients data from Magento to MailUp is not being executed successfully. See below for more.
Sync customersEverything looks OK and I receive a success message, but data is not transferred to MailUp.

There could be a problem with the execution of scheduled tasks (CRON). So the task is scheduled by the MailUp Extension, but it is never executed.

We recommend installting the AOE Scheduler, a free extension that allows you to see which tasks are scheduled to be executed, which are successfully executed, and which are not. The ones that are not successfully executed, can be executed manually while you further troubleshoot the issue (e.g. an issue with CRON).

Field mapping: new field in MailUp not shown in Magento