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titleWhat's a "campo"?
The field code uses the word "CAMPO" because MailUp's original source code was developed in Italy. "Campo" means "Field" in Italian (smile)

Subscription form action


Code Block
<form  method="post" action="">

The URL to put in the action of the form tag depends on your MailUp account's unique URL. If your MailUp admin console address is, the correct action URL for the form (the URL of the form handler) will be

The parameters for calling subscribe.aspx are described below.


titleMultiple lists and confirmation requests
In case a user subscribes to more than one list, the system will still only send one confirmation request message, which will allow the user to confirm their subscription to all the lists included in the signup request. Note that the system will use the message templates (e.g. subscription confirmation request message and subscription confirmation message), as well as the Web page templates defined for the first List that the user was subscribed to.

Image RemovedThe “value” field must contain the ID of the list the user will be subscribed to. You can see that numeric value shown in the MailUp admin console under Settings > Edit lists or looking at the dropdown menu at the top left of the page. In the image below,

Image Added the list called "BusinessNew products" has value=3.

Mobile phone number (optional)


In the example above, the user is automatically subscribed to groups 2, 8 and 10. The Group IDs are listed in your MailUp admin console under Settings > Codes table.

Image RemovedImage Added

Other personal data fields (optional)