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You can use subscribe.aspx as the form handler from a form hosted on your Web site. It allows you to offer your Web site visitors a way to sign up for your newsletter(s), while giving you full control on the look & feel of the signup form. By default the signup process uses the double opt-in method (confirmed opt-in), althuough this can be turned off as discussed below (not recommended!).

The signup form must be structured as described below:

  • the field “name” attribute for each field must match the corresponding code that can be located under Settings > Codes Table and List GUID in your MailUp admin console
  • the field "type" is entirely up to you


Subscription form action

The URL to put in the action of the form tag depends on your MailUp account's unique URL. If your MailUp admin console address is, the correct action URL for the form (the URL of the form handler) will be

Code Block
<form  method="post" action="">

The parameters for calling subscribe.aspx are described below.


The “value” field must contain the ID of the list the recipient will be subscribed to. You can see that numeric value shown in the MailUp admin console under Settings > Edit lists or looking at the dropdown menu at the top left of the page. In the image, the list called "New products" has value=3.image, the list called "New products" has value=3.

Single vs. double opt-in (optional)

By default MailUp always uses a double opt-in - also called confirmed opt-in (COI) - subscription process: the new subscriber must confirm their intend to subscribe. This is an email marketing best practice and the only sure way to avoid spamtraps and other potentially damaging email addresses to end up into your list(s).

We understand that there can be rare cases in which single opt-in might be preferable. Before you do so, however:

  • Understand the risks involved: your sender reputation could be very negatively impacted by the presence of "bad" emails in your list
  • Understand that your MailUp account could be terminated if you send a mailing to a list of recipients that contains spamtraps

To turn off COI and switch to a single opt-in signup process, include the following in the form code:

Code Block
<input type="hidden" name="confirm" value="off" />

Mobile phone number (optional)







Recipient's email address



Recipient's mobile number, including the country code / international prefix (2)



List IDs: you can specify more than one list using comma as separator.
In case of more lists and if you don't specify ConfirmListID(4) value, a confirmation request message will be sent for each specified list.
Otherwise, when there are more lists and ConfirmListID is specified with a valid list ID value, a single email message can be used to confirm subscription to all the lists that are specified with "List" parameter.



Groups to which to subscribe the recipient (comma separated)



Parameter to enable ("1" or "true") or disable ("0" or "false") the confirmation request email. Default value: 1 (i.e. double opt-in enabled by default).

The notes in the "subscribe.aspx" section above under "Single vs. double opt-in (optional)" apply here as well. Turning off confirmed opt-in is very risky.



Personal data codes (separated by the ";" character)



Values related to personal data codes (separated by the ";" character)



Set it to 1 to receive a response code instead of a text string. It defaults to 0.



"dynamic sender e-mail address" Sender address in the confirmation request email (If blank, default value for the list will be used)



"dynamic sender name" Sender name in the confirmation request email (If blank, default value for the list will be used)

ConfirmListID(4)NTo be used only when more list IDs are specified in "List" parameter. ConfirmListID is the ID of the list that contains the confirmation request message to be sent to pending subscribers. Confirmation request is sent if recipient is pending in at least one of the specified lists