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Each column can be also written with a text qualifier, usually a single or double quote.



Sample 1 displays "idList", "idNL", "Email", "subject", "statusType", "details", "statusChange" (date), "sentdate" (date)


and four dynamic fields.

No Format
5;1555;;Subject of your campaign;OPN;;20150513T232106;20150513T112026;Your message note;John;Smith;34234;085861532
5;1555;;Subject of your campaign;CLK;;20150513T232206;20150513T112210;Your message note;John;Smith;34234;085861532
5;1550;;Campaign subject;NCO;MBSD;20150513T013820;20150508T150226;;;;;0158634536
5;1555;;Campaign subject;NCO;HB;20150513T182035;20150513T112210;;;;;001478445;2125401707


Sample 2 displays "idList", "idInvio" (sendId),"idNL" (newsletter id), "Email", "Subject", "statusChange", "sentdate" and "FirstName"



Optional md5 / sha1 / sha256 / sha512 ecryption encryption applies to Email column only