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  • List configuration: we recommend that you create a separate List for messages sent via SMTP+, or a separate account if you are sending non-bulk messages (i.e. transactional or personal emails) in order not to deliver to the "Promotions" tab in Gmail.
  • Pricing: SMTP+ is part of your MailUp account. There are no additional fees, unless you need to configure a separate account for SMTP relay.
  • Gmail "Promotions" tab: Google places most bulk messages in the Gmail "Promotions" tab: if you're sending transactional emails, you will need a different MailUp configuration to tell Gmail not to do so. This requires that you set up a separate MailUp account. Contact us if you need more information about this account configuration.

SMTP+ v2

Over the last several months we've worked hard on a new version of our SMTP relay service that would provide better performancehigher scalability, and enhanced functionality.