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In this section, you can create new recurring automated campaigns. After having selected Automation > Content > New campaign and finally Email.

Choose source

To create a new campaign select New campaign.


  • Insert Campaign name
  • Choose the source used to retrieve new content and send automated messages. You can add a new source selecting "Add new source".

  • Set messages subject choosing between:
    • Title of the first content
    • Titles of first 3 contents, separated by |
    • Fixed subject (to be typed on the tab)
  • number of contents to show in the message body


In addition to editing your sender email address, you can now edit the Reply-to email address conveniently when setting up your email campaign, without having to edit it in the List settings section.

Your The from email must be an email address that is easily recognizable and viewed as trustworthy by your recipients. If the email is new you have to verify it and click on Verify now so that you receive a link to click for confirmation.