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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 9.1.2

The Settings page (Messages > Messaging Apps > Settings) allows you to view all the messaging channels connected to the platform.

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From this page you can:

  • add new Facebook or Telegram channels,
  • remove one or more channels,
  • access the detailed settings of each channel.

Channel settings

To access the detailed settings of a channel select the "Settings" button. In this page, you can turn on and off certain events and the automated messages that are sent.

  • Greeting text
    Shown when asking users to authorize the connection.

  • Welcome message
    Sent after a new subscriber opts in. You can enable a keyword that, if written in the chat, automatically enrolls users (eg "start").

  • Goodbye message
    Sent when someone unsubscribes. You can enable a keyword that, if written in the chat, automatically unsubscribe users (eg "stop").
  • Invitation to subscribe
    Sent to ask someone to subscribe. This message is sent to a user that get in contact with you without being subscribed.
  • Default reply
    Sent automatically when subscribers message you.

Here below an example:

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Once the changes have been completed, select the "Save settings" to save.

Finally, through this page, it is possible to:

  • remove a channel,
  • add one or more test users.