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Group vs List

As defined in the Glossary, a group is a subset of recipients (typically subscribers) within a List. Recipients can belong to multiple groups (similarly to “Categories” in MS Outlook). A group can be created or deleted at any time and the contact information that it contains will not be affected.

A group will only be assigned to one List and will not be automatically assigned to other Lists in your account.

Managing Recipient Groups

Groups can be created to section recipients based on any type of criteria: sending activity, profile demographic, filters, etc. to create more targeted messaging. The Manage Groups page's functions has two main subtabs: Group and Modify Group Assignments.

  • The Groups tab allows you to create a new group, delete or rename a group, or edit a recipient's data within the group.
  • The Modify Group Assignments allows you to Add or Remove individual recipients from a group or Reassign recipients from one group to another.

Go to Recipients > Manage Groups and click on the appropriate tab at the top.

Add/Create a New Group

To add a new group, go to Recipients > Manage Groups, choose the Group tab at the top, scroll down and click the New Group button in the bottom right corner. See below:

Rename, empty, delete a Group

To rename, empty, or delete a group, go to the Recipient > Manage groups, click on the Groups tab and click on the Action menu on the right.

  • Click Rename group to rename the group
  • Click Edit recipients to view and edit recipients currently assigned to the group (see the next section)
  • Click Empty group to remove all recipients from the group. Those recipients' subscription preference is not changed. What's modified is simply their assignment to the selected group: they will no longer be assigned to that group.
  • Click on Delete group to delete the group.

At the bottom of the page there are additional actions that you can perform when one or more groups are selected using the check boxes on the left side of the page.

Select the groups that you wish to work with, and then:

  • Click on Delete group to delete the selected groups: recipients are not affected, other than the fact that they will no longer be assigned to that group, since it is being deleted.
  • Click on Delete recipients to completely remove from the system the recipients that are currently assigned to the group. Make sure you understand the difference between unsubscribing and deleting a recipient. Typically, you will want to unsubscribe, rather than delete a recipient.
  • Click on Delete group and recipients to delete both the selected groups and all the recipients currently assigned to them. Once again, make sure you understand the difference between deleting and unsubscribing a recipient.
  • Click on Empty group to remove all recipients from the selected groups. Those recipients' subscription preference is not changed. What's modified is simply their assignment to the selected groups: they will no longer be assigned to that group.

Viewing recipients in a Group

To view the recipients currently in a certain group, go to Recipient > Manage groups, click on the Groups tab and click on the Action drop-down on the right. Choose Edit Recipients to view all recipients in the group.

Important to note, this area does not allow you to Remove a recipient from the group but only Edit the recipient data, Delete or Unsubscribe them. If you unsubscribe them, they are not removed from the group or master List, but only changes the status to Unsubscribed. This status will change across multiple groups AND at the List level. So, be sure you want to unsubscribe them from all groups, and not just remove them!

To Remove or Add a recipient from/to a group, you must go to the Modify Group Assignments tab.

To Add or Remove recipient(s) from a group

To add or remove recipients to/from a group, go to Recipient > Manage groups, click on Modify Group assignments. You then click View groups and choose the group you want to add or remove the recipient to/from.

A list of recipients from that group will come up:

Then, do a Global search for the individual recipient you want to add to the group (search can be done by name, email or mobile.) Click on the Global Search icon at the upper right of the page.


Select the recipient and then click the green Add button:

 The recipient will be moved to the group located right above.

To remove a recipient, select the recipient and click the green Remove button.

Assigning, copying, or moving recipients to a group

You can assign, copy, or move multiple recipients to a group:

  • Assign: a recipient that is currently not assigned to a specific group will now be assigned to a group
  • Copy: a recipient that is currently assigned to one or more groups will be assigned to another group (you are adding a group assignment to the existing ones)
  • Move: a recipient that is currently assigned to one or more groups is removed from those groups and assigned to another group that you are selecting.

To perform these actions:

  1. Locate recipients (e.g. Recipients > Channel > Email)
  2. Perform a search (or have the system randomly select recipients using the corresponding feature at the bottom of the page)
  3. Select a group
  4. Click on either Move or Copy.

Group assignments during import

You can also define group assignments when importing recipients.
As an alternative, you can add or reassign an individual recipient by going to Modify, Delete or Unsubscribe Recipients.



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