This "Preferences" area is divided into 5 sub-sections that allow to completely customize your messages.

If you wish to delete a list or to create a new one, you can do so from Settings > Account settings > Lists. In Settings > Advanced settings > User permissions you can decide which user can access to selected lists.


In this tab, you will find some general settings.

Furthermore, our system gives you the chance to compare your mailings to those of other companies in the same industry that use our system.

In order to allow the system to do that, you have to fill out these fields correctly:


Parameters you can modify here:

Email footer

In compliance with the Can-Spam Act of the USA and other international anti-spam laws, MailUp asks its customers to include sender information in each message sent. The information entered here will be automatically placed in email footers.

* marks mandatory fields

Advanced options

This area is divided into three kinds of advanced options.

General Options

List 1, created on your first login in MailUp, has a "Display as" option default value, which is a combination of ID 1 field and ID 2 field. These two fields by default correspond to First Name and Last Name. If you modify these two fields, we suggest you check the "Display as" setting and eventually change it to match your preference.

Email Options

SMS Option

Google translate

If you turn this setting on, you will be able to add a "Google Translate" button inside the unsubscription and "Send to a friend" pages.