About configuring the SMTP+ feature, server access and enabled users

Although it's technically not a requirement, we recommend that you create a new List in your MailUp account to be used for SMTP+. Messages, statistics, and other settings will be easier to manage that way.

Once you have created a new List, you can start configuring SMTP+ in the List settings area.

The page Settings > List settings > SMTP+ > Settings displays the following information:

You can perform the following actions with regard to users:

Within your client, you can configure the following ports: 23, 25, 26, 587 and all the ports from 1025 to 5000. On all the ports, you can have as an option the encryption through STARTTLS extension.

About creating and editing a SMTP+ user

You can also modify some parameters related to each SMTP+ user:

All the messages sent from within the admin console have a default priority 3 - normal. When the messages sent using the SMTP+ feature are set with priority 1 - very high, these messages will be sent before any other messages, in first place in the sending queue. Scheduled messages or messages being sent are stopped for the time required to send the high priority messages, and then they resume when the bandwifth is available again.

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