When you send a message with MailUp - either from the MailUp platform, via SMTP+, or via the API - you can insert a link to allow the recipient to quickly subscribe to another list.

When to use it

This is useful when you've created a new list and want to let your customers/readers be able to quickly subscribe to it.

For example, imagine a scenario when:

How it works

The person that clicks on the link:

  1. Is automatically added to the list: no need to take them to a subscription form!
  2. Will see the Messages page, which can be fully customized.
  3. Will need to confirm the subscription (confirmed opt-in) to avoid any chances of unauthorized addition of a subscriber (if you need to disable confirmed opt-in, please contact us).
  4. May or may not receive a welcome email. It's up to you.

How to build the link

In the MailUp console, open the message that you wish to edit.