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A popular scenario in e-commerce is to run an email drip campaign which targets shoppers that have abandoned a shopping cart. This example takes full advantage of the hour-based conditions in the profile and activity filters, allowing you to run two or more emails in sequence. Visually, you can setup a shopping cart abandonment campaign like this one:

Studies show that it is a good idea to send the first email within a few hours of the abandoned cart event, and a second message a day or so later. Let's see how this first email could be set up in MailUp.

Sending the first message a few hours after abandonment

First, you would set up a new profile filter, leveraging the date and time saved in a custom recipient field. The date will be there thanks to data that was saved into the MailUp recipient database using the MailUp API or an integration with another application.

This filter searches for subscribers who have abandoned their shopping cart 3 hours earlier. You can then use the new filter in Marketing+ > Automation > Tasks when creating a triggered message that will be sent when the condition is true.

... sending an email that encourages the customer to complete their purchase. As we see below it's the Shopping Cart Abandonment Email #1.

Sending a second message 24 hours after abandonement

You can then repeat the steps above to create:

  1. a new profile filter that triggers an email 24 hours after the abandoned cart date/time
  2. a new triggered message that leverages that filter

This will allow you to send a second message 24 hours after the cart was abandoned.

Stopping in case of purchase

To ensure that cart abandonment emails are not sent if in the meantime the customer purchased, you can use different approaches.

  1. Clear the field where you save the cart abandonment date (e.g. if you are using the MailUp API).
  2. Check the field where you are saving the order date: you can set up your profile filters to see if the order date happened the same day or within a day of the abandoned cart date. To do so:
    1. Use the "AND" operator to add a new condition to the filter
    2. Set the second condition to check the date of the order (order date is not today)
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