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On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the BEE editor.

In the image manager, the "Add new file" button is disabled

This happens when you are in a folder that does not allow file uploads. Please navigate to a subfolder or create a new folder.

The file manager freezes on opening

If the file manager freezes on opening, with the loading animation looping, it means that another account administrator has entered the editor's file manager. The second user needs to exit the file manager so that the first user can access it back again. For security reasons, only one user at a time is allowed to use the file manager.

How can I optimize a message to reduce its weight?

To shrink message weight, you can reduce structures and content blocks to the ones necessary to create the message. Each structure and content block increases message weight and should be used only if required for your email's design.

For example:

  • Create one structure with different blocks of content instead of multiple structures if the number of columns and background colors for rows and content areas don't change.
  • Use padding instead of dividers to separate content blocks and structures.

The HTML copy of a message is rendered incorrectly by the HTML editor

If you create an HTML copy of a message designed with the BEE editor and open it with the HTML editor, the layout may not match the one set up with BEE.

It's a rendering problem of the HTML editor; however, the HTML code of the message is not modified during the copying process. If you open the message with the editor and save it back, you will see that the message will match the one created with the BEE editor.

In a text block, can I assign a color different from those available in the toolbar to a portion of the text?

Yes, click on the "Text Color" button in the toolbar and choose "Custom". 

When I upload something in the file manager, I get the error message "Oops, something went wrong while uploading the image"

This happens in two cases:

  • The file you're trying to upload is bigger than 12 megabytes. The file manager has a 12 megabytes limit on uploaded files.
  • The name of the file contains symbols and/or special characters. If this is the case, just rename the file and upload it again.

Questions on the responsiveness of the emails created with the editor

On Gmail mobile app, images are not at full width, and blocks are arranged differently than on other mobile clients

It is normal behavior. Gmail has some rendering peculiarities, so emails are displayed differently from other mobile clients. We've worked a lot to get around the constrictions imposed by these Gmail rendering quirks and the result is very readable emails, with buttons and links that are easy to tap and no horizontal scrollbar. Gmail renders emails differently than other clients, as a result of constraints imposed by how Gmail itself works.

On iPad and tablets, 3-column structures behave differently than on smartphones

Columns spread in the email client rendering based on the available space. As a consequence, columns will adapt to available space, so if two columns fit horizontally, they will be displayed side by side,

Here's an example:

Smartphone (5" screen, portrait)
Smartphone (5" screen, landscape)
Tablet (7" screen)

I have configured a header/footer at list level and my message is not responsive

Check if the header and footer's HTML, configured inside list options, are responsive. Otherwise, there may be some rendering issues on the entire message created with the editor.

I added dynamic content to the message and now my message is not responsive

As for the header and footer at the list level, the HTML of dynamic content must be responsive to guarantee the responsiveness of the whole message.

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