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Creating a Manual A/B Test

There are instances in which an automatic A/B test might not fit your needs. For example you may want to determine the winner of your test considering other criteria out of the automatic test (for examples conversion, purchase....).

The "manual" AB TEST option allows you to do that. Once the automated test is terminated, you can  "manually" select the winner and send the message to the rest of recipients.

To create a manual AB test :

  1. From Messages > Email> Send > New AB test
  2. Select 2 or more messages to start the AB test
  3. Select the % of the recepient of your test (30% is the maximum you can set) 
  4. Select "Manually" 
  5. Click on "Save and continue"

The image below shows the steps:

In the next page, select your group and click on "Send now"

You are now redirect to the Send status page where you can check the progress of your test

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