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The Recipients section provides the list of recipients of the message, for which the detail is still available.

Recipients may be filtered by text, group, activity type, and bounce type.

For each recipient, you have the date and time of the last open, total opens, and total clicks. Also, the Action menu presents a few actions to manage each recipient.

Here is a rundown of the different filter activity and bounce filters and what they mean.

FilterWhat does the filter look for
Who opened

Recipients who opened the email. Specifically:

  • recipients whose client correctly downloaded the special tracking image used to track recipient activities
  • recipients who clicked at least once in the message, but whose client didn't download images. In this case, only one single event will be added to the opens count (both in unique and total opens). To retrieve these recipients, you can use the "Who did not download the images" filter, explained below.
Who did not openRecipients who received the email but didn't open it.
Who opened under privacyRecipients who opened the email with Apple Mail on iOS, iPadOS and MacOS
Who clickedRecipients who clicked at least once in the email.
Who opened but did not clickRecipients who opened the message but didn't perform any click.
Who receivedAll the recipients who received the message.
Who did not receive (bounces)Recipients who did not receive the message.
Who did not download any imagesRecipients who opened the message but didn't download the included images.
Wrong addressRecipients who generated permanent errors during the sendout. These addresses are definitely wrong at the moment the message went out. After one or more unsuccessful retries, the message will be removed from the sending queue.
Mailbox fullRecipients with a full mailbox. These recipients didn't receive the message because their email boxes exceeded their space quota.
Temporary errorsRecipients who generated transitory errors. These mailings will be retried in the coming hours. If the error persists, it will become a hard bounce.
Blocked emailsRecipients whose mail server refused to deliver the message for an unprecise reason. You can see the detailed error in Recipients > Bounces to get additional info.
AltroOther errors do not fall in the previous categories.
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