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With MailUp you can easily design a multichannel pop-up form. The form is pre-built, that means that you only have to select few settings as style, position, language, and subscription channels and then MailUp automatically generates the HTML code to be embedded on your website.

To create a pop-up form:

  • Set the style, meaning the color your form background, choosing between light and dark
  • Decide which position you want your form to appear
  • Select the language
  • Set a display delay
  • Add profiling groups
  • Insert the title
  • Select the channels you want your audience to subscribe to, and add an optional description
  • Insert the privacy policy with the link to the section of your website where the policy is. The URL must be inserted using the HTML code (as in the picture above) and the http/https protocol.

Once finished the editing:

  • take a look at the preview,

    Please note that the display delay is applied also to the preview.

  • Save the form,
  • Get the code and paste it into your website page before closing tag </body>.

The javascript script inserted in the form includes the jQuery v3.2.1 library, following the best practices to avoid conflicts with the libraries used in the host site. To prevent issues, we advise you to complete the loading of other possible jQuery libraries before adding the script.

Watch the tutorial:

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