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Following the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union, MailUp platform allows to modify users permissions and to hide sensitive data.


To access to this section select Settings > Advanced settings > User permissions > Users. From the Actions menu on the right, of the users you'd like to modify permissions, select "Set permissions"

The Users tab allows to:

  • view all the administrator accounts, filtering by users with access to a selected list
  • manage emails and passwords ("Account details")
  • select the lists accessible by each user ("Set listaccess")
  • manage users' permissions ("Set permissions")
  • enable SMS Sender ID's ("SMS Sender ID's")

To know more on how to handle permissions, check the page on User permissions.


As said the platform also give the possibility to hide one or more recipient fields that may be considered sensitive.

Click on "here" to manage hidden fields visibility.

To hide a recipient field that may contain sensitive data, select "Edit" from the Actions menu on the right of the field.

Mark "Hidden" to hide the field and then select "Update" to save.


For the two Recipient identifier fields (Email and Mobile number) the Actions menu on the right easily allows setting the field as hidden.

Now, get back in the Permissions page (Settings > Advanced settings > User permissions and from the Actions menu "Set permissions") to manage hidden fields visibility. Deselect the recipient fields that you don't want to show, like in the image below. And finally, click "Save".


Hidden fields are set in the user profile. This means that this procedure should be replicated for each user you want to hide fields to.



This is how hidden fields appear in the user's platform:

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