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Direct contact from the platform

If you have a problem using the platform or you have a technical request to make:

  • click on "Support" from the Help menu at the top right and then on "Open a Support ticket";
  • fill in the fields indicated in the form;
  • you will receive a confirmation message to the email specified in the form.

How to fill in the form fields

What’s wrong?: it will be the subject of the ticket that you will open at Technical Support;
How can we help?: here you can tell us what your need is or what problem you are experiencing;
Email: the email address to which we will send the response to your report.

Contact by email

If you can't get into the platform, you can contact the Support Team by writing an email to Make sure to use as sender one of the contact addresses you gave us when you activated the platform. You can find them in Settings > Account settings > Admin contacts.

Contact by phone

If you have subscribed to a support level that includes telephone support, you can call us on +39 02 71040485 and follow the steps indicated by the switchboard. Keep your customer number handy, you will need it to be able to speak directly with our Technical Support.

Priority, response and take-over times

The priority given to your request depends on the level of support you have subscribed to.

Your care in reporting every detail of your request or in describing the problem you are facing is of great help, because we won't need to ask for more information, and we can provide you a solution right away.

Make sure to contact us via one of the email addresses specified as contacts (in your MailUp Platform, Settings > Account settings > Admin contacts section) in order to be correctly identified and receive assistance on time.