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We recently updated the documentation for the MailUp Plugin for WordPress.

This handy plugin allows you to quickly and easily add a subscription form to your WordPress-powered Web site.

  • It supports many configurations, including the ability to support up to 3 custom fields (in addition to the email one)
  • The text strings displayed on the form can be easily edited
  • You can include an agreement to a privacy policy, or alike
  • The subscription form can be styled by using Cascading Style Sheets

By default, the plugin uses the double opt-in subscription mechanism to add subscribers to the MailUp list you specify. This means that the new subscriber remains "pending" in your MailUp list until the subscription has been confirmed by clicking on the corresponding link in the subscription confirmation request message that is sent to the customer.

We recommend that you do not uncheck the Request confirmation by email field, and keep the double opt-in option active. There are many advantages to using a double opt-in mechanism:

  1. Spam traps will never make it into your list (the presence of spam traps in your recipients list can very negatively impact your deliverability)
  2. Invalid addresses will also never become active subscribers, as the confirmation is never received. This will reduce the number of bounces when a campaign is sent, which positively affects your deliverability
  3. Customers that subscriber really do want to subscriber and will likely be more active recipients. The more active your recipients are, the better  your deliverability. That's because inactive recipients are typical of an unsolicited campaign.
  4. This is a best practice in the email marketing industry: by following this best practice, you show that you are a quality sender

Don't be concerned about signing up less subscribers. Your list may be smaller, but it will be a better one, leading to better results.


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