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After installing and configuring "MailUp integration" module, Drupal administrator can use the menu of the picture below to perform additional actions.

The most common action consists of importing already existing Drupal users to MailUp.

Add list

  • Create additional MailUp lists to be used on Drupal

List configuration

  • Enable/disable MailUp lists that are available to new users or authenticated users
  • Show/hide lists in registration form (only enabled lists can be shown)
  • Change local name of a list
  • Select MailUp groups to be used when subscribing to a MailUp list

Users export

  • Export existing Drupal users on a file that is ready to be manually imported on MailUp. 
  • Supported formats are XML and CSV and files also contain personal data of each user (according to "Profile mapping" settings)

Users import

  • Select a subset of MailUp lists and groups and import there existing Drupal users.
  • In case of massive data transfer (e.g. more than 1000) you should select the option of a scheduled synchronization using "cron" (see below the final page of the import wizard that appears after selecting target lists and groups)
  • When mapped to personal data, also user profiles are transferred to MailUp







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