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  • Magento Extension: Installing and Upgrading
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Magento has announced that they'd stop supporting the Magento 1.x platform, and has finally sunset the version 1 on June 2020. More info here.

Following this announcement, we have stopped supporting our integration with Magento 1 as well. 

Installation via file upload

If you are unable to obtain the extension key from Magento Connect:

  1. Download the zip file from
  2. Load it into the Magento Connect Manager using the Direct package file upload feature.
  3. This will trigger the installation of the extension. 
  4. Click “Refresh” at the end of the installation step, and you should see MailUp in the list of installed extensions.
  5. Scroll to the top and click on Return to Admin to return to your store admin console
  6. You may need to log out of the Magento admin and log back in to avoid permissions issues.

Installation via FTP

If Direct package file upload is not available in Magento Connect Manager, you can perform the installation via FTP. To do so:

  • Log out of Magento
  • Download the zip file from
  • Unzip the file
  • Upload via FTP the two folders "app" and "skin" folders to your Magento root folder, which already contains two folders with the same names. In other words, you will be adding new folders and files to those two folders, which already exist.
  • Log into Magento and clear the Magento cache under System
  • You should be able to use the MailUp extension

For more detailed instructons on how to install an extension manually via FTP, please see this resource:

Resolving installation issues

To troubleshoot installation issues, including Magento returning a 404 error when visiting a MailUp Extension page after installation, please see the troubleshooting section.

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