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  • Magento Extension: Viewing Tasks and Logs
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Magento has announced that they'd stop supporting the Magento 1.x platform, and has finally sunset the version 1 on June 2020. More info here.

Following this announcement, we have stopped supporting our integration with Magento 1 as well. 

Sometimes it can be helpful to review which tasks the Extension has performed or failed to perform, especially when troubleshooting a problem. From the Newsletter menu, click on MailUp: you will see these three features

View MailUp Tasks

This screen displays a list of tasks that have been queued up by the MailUp Extension for Magento. The tasks that are displayed here are those that pertain to transferring data from Magento to MailUp.

  • ID: the task ID
  • Type: the type of task: data can be transferred manually (Manual Sync) or automatically (Auto Sync).
  • Store: the store that the task pertains to (the MailUp Extension for Magento features multi-store support)
  • MailUp Groud ID: the group in MailUp that the data was transferred to, if any. If none, the number 0 is shown.
  • MailUp List ID: the list associated with that store.
  • MailUp List GUID: the unique identifier for that list, which might be needed to additional troubleshooting on the MailUp side (advanced users only)
  • Opt-in & As pending: Whether when using the Segment & Sync Customers feature, the store admin checked the option to transfer non-opt-in customers as "Pending" and send a request for subscription confirmation.
  • Status: whether the task was just queued, or also run (finished). If it shows as queued, but not finished, this is typically due to an issue with CRON on the server, which prevented the scheduled task to run.
  • Process ID: an identifier for the internal process
  • Tries: the number of times the task was attempted to run
  • Queue time: the date and time the task was added to the queue
  • Started: the date and time the task was started
  • Finished: the date and time the task was completed
  • Action: if the task has been queued and not started, you can running manually by selecting "Run" from the Action drop-down menu.

To view details on what was included in a specific Task, you can use the View Task Data feature.

View Task Data

Look up the task ID under View MailUp Tasks. Once you have that task identifier:

  • navigate to Newsletter > MailUp > View Task Data
  • enter the task ID in the Job ID field
  • click Search

The system will display the content of that task. Specifically:

  • Store Name
  • IDs of the customers that were included in data transfer
  • When the task was created and completed

View Logs

The View Logs feature is for advanced users only that need an even deeper look at exactly what happened when a certain task was run. Here too, copy the task ID from the View MailUp Tasks window and paste it into the Job ID field to view details on that task.

Here is a visual example of logs for a Segment & Sync task.

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