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CreateList_st method allows to create a new list in MailUp, using default values for lists. If you need to configure more parameters, please refer to WS_MailUpManage.CreateList.

Method parameters

This method is used when an external application managing several companies/brands uses one single MailUp console. An example of this is the integration between MailUp and Microsoft Dynamics CRM: one CRM system and one MailUp console allow to manage different companies. Adding a new company is an operation entirely managed in the CRM system, which then creates within MailUp a new list, independent from the others. We recommend to limit the number of lists, in order to preserve the optimal performance of the MailUp console.


  • string CreateList_st(string accessKey, string name, stringautoId)
    • accessKey: access key obtained using the LoginFromId method
    • name: list identifier
    • autoId: identifier which allows MailUp to know if a list was created in an automated context or not. In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM it corresponds to the ORGUNIQUENAME. If this value is null, or an empty string, the list will not be associated to an automatic creation


SOAP Examples

SOAP Request
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ws="">
         <!--Use accessKey value that is returned by LoginFromId method-->
         <ws:name>My new list</ws:name>


The method returns a string in XML format containing the list identifier and the GUID of the List created in the MailUp console.

SOAP Response
      <List Guid="236aea05-97f0-4686-ac46-fd92c0f0" Id="2" Name="My new list"></List>

The XML string will have the following features:

  • One root node <CreateLists_st>.
  • One <errorCodenode, that contains the error ID (zero when successful)  
  • One <errorDescriptionnode, that contains the error details (empty when successful)  
  • One node <Lists>, contained in the root node.
  • One node <List> with the attributes Guid, Id and Name. These contain respectively the GUID of the list, the ID of the list and the name of the list provided at entrance.

In case of errors during the creation of the list a suitable error code and error description will be returned.

CreateList_st method will also create the folder to be used for transferring CSV files required by MailUpSend.SendNewsletterNL method.

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