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GetFields_st allows to retrieve the user personal data fields which have been configured in the MailUp system. This feature is useful when using applications that, in order to integrate, necessarily need to map their data structure based on MailUp personal data fields. Mapping is a one-time, preliminary operation for configuring data import to MailUp.

For new integrations with MailUp it has to be used instead of similar method MailUpSend.GetFields.

Method parameters

  • string GetFields_st(string accessKey)
    • accessKey: access key obtained using the LoginFromId method

The method returns a string in XML format containing the names and IDs of the personal data fields.

Sample GetFields_st request

GetFields_st request
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ws="">
         <!--Use accessKey value that is returned by LoginFromId method-->


Sample GetFields_st response (IT and EN versions)

Here below you can find the default responses for the Italian and English versions of MailUp console that have been activated after March 2012 (less recent consoles have fewer default fields). Please note that field names could change if Mailup user renames some of MailUp personal data fields.

If you have bought Marketing+ option you can fully access to all these fields and increase them up to 40, otherwise your access should be restricted to the first eleven fields.


MailUp personal data fields are always defined in string format. As a consequence, GetFields_st method does not return the type of personal data fields



GetFields_st response (IT)
      <Field Name="Email" Id="111"></Field>
      <Field Name="nome" Id="1"></Field>
      <Field Name="cognome" Id="2"></Field>
      <Field Name="azienda" Id="3"></Field>
      <Field Name="città" Id="4"></Field>
      <Field Name="provincia" Id="5"></Field>
      <Field Name="cap" Id="6"></Field>
      <Field Name="regione" Id="7"></Field>
      <Field Name="paese" Id="8"></Field>
      <Field Name="indirizzo" Id="9"></Field>
      <Field Name="fax" Id="10"></Field>
      <Field Name="telefono" Id="11"></Field>
      <Field Name="IDCliente" Id="12"></Field>
      <Field Name="IDUltimoOrdine" Id="13"></Field>
      <Field Name="DataUltimoOrdine" Id="14"></Field>
      <Field Name="TotaleUltimoOrdine" Id="15"></Field>
      <Field Name="IDProdottiUltimoOrdine" Id="16"></Field>
      <Field Name="IDCategorieUltimoOrdine" Id="17"></Field>
      <Field Name="DataUltimoOrdineSpedito" Id="18"></Field>
      <Field Name="IDUltimoOrdineSpedito" Id="19"></Field>
      <Field Name="DataCarrelloAbbandonato" Id="20"></Field>
      <Field Name="TotaleCarrelloAbbandonato" Id="21"></Field>
      <Field Name="IDCarrelloAbbandonato" Id="22"></Field>
      <Field Name="TotaleFatturato" Id="23"></Field>
      <Field Name="TotaleFatturatoUltimi12Mesi" Id="24"></Field>
      <Field Name="TotaleFatturatoUltimi30gg" Id="25"></Field>
      <Field Name="IDTuttiProdottiAcquistati" Id="26"></Field>
GetFields_st response (EN)
      <Field Name="Email" Id="111"></Field>
      <Field Name="FirstName" Id="1"></Field>
      <Field Name="LastName" Id="2"></Field>
      <Field Name="Company" Id="3"></Field>
      <Field Name="City" Id="4"></Field>
      <Field Name="Province" Id="5"></Field>
      <Field Name="ZIP" Id="6"></Field>
      <Field Name="State" Id="7"></Field>
      <Field Name="Region" Id="8"></Field>
      <Field Name="Address" Id="9"></Field>
      <Field Name="fax" Id="10"></Field>
      <Field Name="phone" Id="11"></Field>
      <Field Name="CustomerID" Id="12"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestOrderID" Id="13"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestOrderDate" Id="14"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestOrderAmount" Id="15"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestOrderProductIDs" Id="16"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestOrderCategoryIDs" Id="17"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestShippedOrderDate" Id="18"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestShippedOrderID" Id="19"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestAbandonedCartDate" Id="20"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestAbandonedCartTotal" Id="21"></Field>
      <Field Name="LatestAbandonedCartID" Id="22"></Field>
      <Field Name="TotalOrdered" Id="23"></Field>
      <Field Name="TotalOrderedLast12m" Id="24"></Field>
      <Field Name="TotalOrderedLast30d" Id="25"></Field>
      <Field Name="AllOrderedProductIDs" Id="26"></Field>



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  1. Anonymous

    Stavo provando ad utilizzare questo metodo per ottenere il GUID delle liste, ma se passo solo accessKey mi ritorna l'errorCode 101, mentre se provo ad aggiungere un qualsiasi valore ad autoId il metodo ritorna una lista vuota.

    E' possibile utilizzare il metodo per ottenere la lista dei GUID ???

  2. Anonymous

    Scusate il metodo utilizzato è MailUpSend.GetListIdentity_st .