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GetListIdentity_st allows to retrieve the identifiers of a list in MailUp, starting from an external ID. When integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the identifier is ORGUNIQUENAME.

For new integrations with MailUp it has to be preferred to similar method MailUpSend.GetListIdentity.

Method parameters

  • string GetListIdentity_st(string accessKey, stringautoId)
    • accessKey: access key obtained using the LoginFromId method
    • autoId: identifier which allows MailUp to know if a list was created in an automated context or not. In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM it corresponds to the ORGUNIQUENAME.

Sample GetListIdentity_st request

GetListIdentity_st request
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ws="">
         <!--Use accessKey value that is returned by LoginFromId method-->
         <ws:name>My new list</ws:name>


Sample GetListIdentity_st response

The method returns a string in XML format containing the list identifier and the GUID of the List created in the MailUp console.

GetListIdentity_st response
      <List Guid="94abaa1a-e215-4c3d-8a9c-5c66b8" Id="8" Name="Magazine"></List>
      <List Guid="c650b304-b2b1-401a-8610-e889ef" Id="9" Name="Advertising"></List>
      <List Guid="9a9cd0fe-e4d0-4411-bc95-cd12df" Id="14" Name="Special offers"></List>
      <List Guid="bb258302-6623-467a-a7d8-d069c4" Id="11" Name="Service"></List>
      <List Guid="54cd9955-b686-4a3f-9a4f-c4a089ff39f5" Id="17" Name="Partners"></List>
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  1. Anonymous

    Stavo provando ad utilizzare questo metodo per ottenere il GUID delle liste, ma se passo solo accessKey mi ritorna l'errorCode 101, mentre se provo ad aggiungere un qualsiasi valore ad autoId il metodo ritorna una lista vuota.

    E' possibile utilizzare il metodo per ottenere la lista dei GUID ???

  2. Hi, autoId parameter is mandatory and you'll be able to retrieve List GUID through GetListIdentity_st only if you create a MailUp list using web services and you specify autoId value during creation (CreateList_st method).

    Another way to obtain List GUID is by using WS_MailUpImport.GetNlLists