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Single Sign-On is not enabled by default for every platform. Are you interested in? Would you like your integration provides a direct access to MailUp? Please, contact MailUp API team for further information.




Create a temporary single sign-on url to log in to your platform as the user provided during authentication call.

The response contains two fields:

  • the first represents the link to access to your platform: embed it in your web site!
  • the second represents the validity period of your token; when the token expires, you cannot access to your platform using the single sign-on login url provided.
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JSON request (example)none
JSON response (example)
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200 Ok
    "Link": {
        "href": "https://<your_platform_url>/Console/Login.aspx?Code=1W1c3W2U3e1M1k1R3A3M2K3X2w1U2G2h0d163T1...",
        "rel": "self"
    "ExpiresIn": 600
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403 Forbidden

    "ErrorCode": "403",
    "ErrorDescription": "Authorization error: You cannot generate the MailUp platform login url due to permission issue. Please, contact MailUp for further information.",
    "ErrorName": "Forbidden",
    "ErrorStack": null
Paging and filtering (example) 
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