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Starts the import process that has been created using NewImportProcess method

Method parameters

StartProcess(int idList, int listGUID, int idProcess)

Starts the import process

  • idList: list identifier
  • listGuid: GUID of the list
  • idProcess: import process ID

If the process cannot be activated the result will contain an appropriate ReturnCode.

Sample ReturnCode


Error codes

Error codeDescription
-600unrecognized error
-601an import process is already running for the list
-602an import process is already running for a different list
-603error checking process status
-604error starting the process job

Ruby Example

# Refer to for gem information.
require 'mailup'
m ='username', 'password', 'console_url')
m.start_proces(:idList => 123456, :listGuid => 123456, :idProcess => 123)
# => <?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"windows-1252\" ?><mailupMessage><mailupBody><ReturnCode>0</ReturnCode></mailupBody></mailupMessage>
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