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Ecommerce systems can greatly benefit from the integration with a full-featured email and text messaging system like MailUp.

This section is frequently updated with information on new ecommerce integrations. If you see pages that are under construction, you now why (smile)

Supported Shopping Carts

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The following is a list of currently supported shopping carts (that we know of). MailUp can be easily integrated in any shopping cart platform.


MailUp plugins

We have various ready-to-use plugins. To check them, visit MailUp Integrations.

Using MailUp as the SMTP server

With the introduction of SMTP+ in MailUp 8, you can use your MailUp account as your SMTP server, directly from within your ecommerce system. This translates into:

  • Higher deliverability for your messages (you are no longer using your Web hosting company's SMTP server)
  • Statistics (messages are tracked by MailUp).

Learn more about SMTP+


Ecommerce Systems

MailUp can be integrated with any ecommerce system by leveraging the mailupapi.

We have compiled a list of recommendations that are based on our experience.

See our Specifications for Ecommerce Integrations with MailUp.