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There are 5 tabs in this section: let's see them in detail:



Before proceeding to set all the parameters, you have here a very useful tool that you can use if you plan to setup the new list as an existing one: "Copy settings from...". You find this option at the bottom of the screen under the tab "Configuration": just select the list from which you want to copy the settings from the dropdown menu and press "Save"



Our system gives you the chance to compare your mailings to those of other companies in the same industry that use our system.


  • Message type: select here which type of messages you are sending from this list: newsletters, direct marketing messages, or transactional messages (i.e. alerts, reminders, notifications)
  • Recipients: select if your mailing is directed to businesses or to consumers
  • Industry: select from the dropdown menu the industry your company belongs to, for the benchmark analysis to be effective
  • Description: enter a descritpion for this list (this is for internal use, it will not be viewed by the recipients).