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  • int SendMessageNL(string accessKey, string fileName, string separator, string listId, string listGuid, string messageId, string senderName, string sender, string subject, DateTime timeDateSending, int sendDelayTest)
    • accessKey: access key obtained using the LoginFromId method
    • fileName: name of the CSV files containing the recipients of the message
    • separator: separating character used in the CSV file. If null or empty, the character ';' will be used by default.
    • listId: list identifier
    • listGuid: GUID of the list in MailUp
    • messageId: ID of the message to be sent
    • senderName: name of the sender of the message. If null or empty, the system will use the default name for the list.
    • sender: email address of message sender. If null or empty, the system will use the default address for the list. If no default sender has been defined for the list, the sending does not start.
    • subject: subject of the messagerequired but not used, you can either set it to NULL or empty string value
    • timeDateSending: date and time of scheduled sending
    • sendDelayTest: no more used, always set to zero.


Code Block
titleSOAP request (Scheduled sending with time zone)
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ws="">
			<ws:senderName>Your Dealer</ws:senderName>
			<ws:subject>Best Offer of the week<subject></ws:subject>
			<!-- +02:00 is the shift due to time zone setting. If not specified, the time zone of Italy will be used -->
			<!-- Please take into account note that time shift changes during Daylight saving time (e.g. during summer its value for Italy is +02:00 instead of +01:00) -->


Code Block
class MailUpWsSend {
	protected $WSDLUrl = "";
	public function loginFromId() {
	public function logout() {
	public function sendMessageNL($params) {
		try {
			$params = array_merge((array)$params, array("accessKey" => $this->accessKey));
		} catch (SoapFault $soapFault) {	

$WsSend = new MailUpWsSend();
$filename = "10_201105031527211234.csv"
uploadFile($filename) or die("Unable to upload list of recipients through FTP");
$sendingDate = date ("c", mktime(13,20,0,7,1,2013)); //set date with 2013-07-01T13:20:00+00:00
$sendMessageNLData = array("fileName" => $filename,
						   "separator" => ";",
						   "listId" => "10",
						   "listGuid" => "0e591119-cd77-4157-9379-6ac75335664",
						   "messageId" => "151",
						   "senderName" => "Your Dealer",
						   "sender" => "",
						   "subject" => "Best Offer of the week",
						   "timeDateSending" => $sendingDate