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Batch FTP synchronization is a file exchange between the customer's system and MailUp, usually in .csv format. This exchange takes place by means of the FTP protocol (available as sFTP e FTPs as well, on request).

Once the synchronization has been set up, you can decide how often and at what time the automatic file exchange process will be executed.

As this synchronization can go in both directions (i.e. from the your system to MailUp and vice versa), it can be set up in one direction only or both, depending on your needs.

What it is used for

Batch synchronization allows to automate the following processes:


Please not that this example refers to a synchronization in both directions, but as explained above it can be set up in one direction only too.

Enabling FTP-based data synchronization on your account

FTP-based data synchronization is not available by default, but our technicians can set it up for you upon request.


To have a batch synchronization set up, you need to have an active MailUp account (not a free trial) and define the details with our Support Team.

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