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For example, in the example below, a simulation is run on the triggered message "We Miss You (no order last 60 days)Welcome Series: Email #1". The system checks how many recipients at that very moment match the conditions set for the triggered message, which in this case consist of the lasted order date being 60 or more days in the past. The simulation indicates that - if the triggered were run now - the message will be sent to 8 850 recipients.

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The Download recipients list button allows the company to export the recipients found in the simulation, which allows for further double-checking that the triggered message is working properly.Image Added

In this example, the system also indicates that there are 59 discarded recipients. Those are subscribers to the List that match the conditions set for the triggered message, but...

  • They are already in the sending queue
  • They cannot be reached at this time because the current time falls in their do not disturb window