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  • Enter a name for this instance of Dynamic Content
  • Enter the URL of the RSS or ATOM feed
  • Specify how many items from the RSS or ATOM feed should be inserted into the message. NOTE: the higher the number of items, the larger the potential impact on overall campaign mailing time as the system will have to insert more content in each message.
  • Indicate whether they should be no older than a certain amount of hours
  • Specify the filter based on which the Dynamic Content will be inserted into the message
  • Click Save
MailUp Tag
feed_titletitletitleThe title of the individual item in the feed
feed_linklinklinkThe destination URL of the feed item
feed_summarydescriptionsummaryA brief description of the feed item
feed_contentcontent:encodedcontentA longer description of the feed item. Could be the entire article in HTML format.
feed_authorauthorauthorThe author of the feed, if present


pubDateupdatedThe date on which the feed item was updated
feed_mediacontentmedia:content (first)media:content[@url!=''] [1]Media content associated with the feed item: typically images
feed_mediacontentX (X: 1 - n)mediacontent3, ... 
media:content (second),
media:content (third)... 
media:content[@url!=''] [2],
media:content[@url!=''] [3]...
Specific media content (e.g. a specific image), starting at 1 (i.e. feed_mediacontent1)