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  • Basic templates, they are basically wireframes for your new message;
  • Rich templates, they contain sample content to give you some design ideas;
  • My templates, they are previously saved custom templates

In a templates list, you have four possible actions:

  • .

For each template, you can choose an action through a drop-down menu.

  • New email: create a message starting from the template by clicking the preview or the Image Removed buttonedit a template using the Image Removed button .
  • Preview: see a preview of the template.
  • Edit template: modify a template (if you edit a basic or rich template, you can only save it as a custom template)
  • preview the template by clicking the Image Removed button
  • delete the template using the Image Removed button.
  • Delete (available only in "My Templates" section).

Copying a template to a different list