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You can use the Profile Updates feature to create forms that will allow recipients to add or update personal information (e.g. gender, location, etc.) or answer additional questions that may allow you to better segment them (e.g. by assignment assigning them to groups).

The goal is to have more information on your recipients, so that you can send them messages that are more relevant to themmessages.

Here is an example of a simple Profile Update form:

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When to use Profile Updates

Profile update forms can be used in a variety of circumstance. For example:

  • Ask recipients to add information to their profile to take advantage of an offer or promotion (e.g. add your birth day birthday and month and receive an automatic discount on your birthday)
  • Ask recipients to review and update the information that's already on file
  • Ask recipients to specify additional interests they may have (e.g. by offering them to check topics that interest them, where the topics are Groups in the selected List)
  • ... and many more scenarios

Profile update forms are a fundamental tool in your effort to build a richer recipients database, which will allow you to better segment your customers and send them messages that they are more likely to be interested in.

Where is Data



When you use the Profile Updates feature, data is saved into the recipients database in the the Recipients fields  that that you chose to include in the form. When a recipients updates recipient updates the information in the form, he/she is updating their profile in the recipients' database.

If one of the fields in the form is used to define the user's association with one or more groups (the field name is "group" and the field values are the group numbers), then that piece of information is stored in terms of the user's belonging to the selected groups. For example, a question on the form could be: "Which sports do you like?" and the answer a series of checkboxes that correspond to groups you have created in your administration console. When users update the form, their association with the checked groups will be updated in the contacts database.
For detailed instructions on how to build your Profile Updates form using simple HTML tags, click on the link Instructions on how to modify the form on the page where you create/edit the form. If you need further assistance creating a Profile Updates form, please talk to your account representative. We do offer this service for a fee.